Bonding Through Books: A Summer Reading Campaign

Bonding Through Books: A Summer Reading Campaign

Each book borrowed from the shelves or newly placed in a young child's very own home collection is a new opportunity for families to bond through books. Turning a page together and engaging in meaningful conversation connects children to the people close to them and to the world around them. Their vocabulary and knowledge explodes, and they form positive, foundational memories they'll keep with them as they grow. You can help sustain our literacy programs and support the lending libraries, Story Times, and book giveaways across the country that make all this possible.

Here are just a few examples of how meaningful your gift can be:

$35 can support an hour of Story Time with one of our Library Specialists.

$50 can provide supplies for a family event in a preschool or homeless shelter.

$100 can help replenish a library shelf of well-loved books

$1000 is enough to provide five brand new books each to over forty young students for their personal collections